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How Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Stress When Pursuing Business Growth

Being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. The lifestyle can be incredibly taxing, and success is never guaranteed. It’s no wonder 72 percent of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues, and 42 percent report being stressed frequently. 

The stress gets amped up when expansion goals are being pursued and there’s a lot more riding on the line than usual. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to feel frustrated and even angry due to their various challenges. Some end up developing high blood pressure, anxiety, and other physical problems. 

If you’re one such stressed entrepreneur, you need to take steps to relieve the pressure. It’s the only way to stay in the game long-term without compromising your health. Below, the Austin Chamber of Commerce offers some advice on how busy entrepreneurs can cut back on stress.

Learn time-management techniques 

There are only so many hours in the day. Making the most of your time is essential if you want to get important work done as well as have some semblance of a work-life balance. Also, it can make you more productive, which can automatically reduce the pressure. Time-management techniques can help you make the most of your time. Some worth trying out are saying “no,” delegating, identifying productive times of the day, and having to-do lists. TimeCamp explains others in detail.

Get a handle on your finances

Money is one of the biggest stressors for entrepreneurs. A healthy cash flow is equivalent to survival for many up-and-coming businesses. Managing your money better and having an emergency reserve can go a long way toward reducing your stress levels. Like time-management techniques, there are money-management techniques you can and should pick up. Some examples from Millo are financial planning, budgeting, investing, and borrowing.

Manage your anger and learn how to stay calm 

Anger is a natural response to stress and things not going your way. You need to actively let off the steam to avoid developing physical ailments. Furthermore, pent-up anger can sometimes erupt out of control, much like a volcano, and lead to you lashing out and other self-destructive behaviors. Some suggestions for managing your anger are practicing meditation, listening to music, and spending time with calm people.

Make nature a part of your office 

Nature is a natural stress buster, no pun intended. Just going out for a walk in a garden or forest can soothe your nerves and bring in more peace. As a busy entrepreneur, you may not have the luxury of going out in nature – but you can always bring nature to you. Consider letting in more natural light into your office, getting potted plants, using natural materials in your decor, and repainting the walls to earth tones. 

Make self-care a priority 

Self-care is something every entrepreneur needs to prioritize. This is the practice of pursuing activities that fulfill your physical and mental health needs. When you’re happy, it’s easier to stay positive and keep the stress at bay. Every good self-care routine includes exercise, rewarding hobbies, stress-busting activities, healthy food, and breaks. 

Use helpful software 

Finally, you should look into business utility apps that automate tasks and reduce your workload in various ways. For instance, you can digitize your files to PDF format by using a file editor. This makes the paperwork easier to save, edit, and share via email or the cloud. If you have a lot of PDFs on your hard drive and you’re running out of storage space, you can use a PDF compression tool to make things more manageable; here’s a solution for a compressor and a variety of other helpful PDF tools. 


Striking a solid work-life balance – where you get important work done and still manage to look after yourself – is key to reducing stress, avoiding burnout, and making your life as an entrepreneur sustainable. Remember that you’re not alone – you can always get help, whether it’s through business tools that reduce your workload or professional assistance for getting a handle on your anger.