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S&S Towing

S&S Towing


About Us

S&S Towing was formed in 2018 as a more affordable towing service for the people of Austin, MN. It was started by father and son duo Ron Schroeder and Jared Heien. Ron has a history of towing dating back more than 2 decades, as did his dad, Terrance Schroeder before him. Ron was the former owner of the very successful, but short-lived “Schroeder’s Towing” of Brownsdale, and later Austin, MN back in the 1990’s. Deciding it was time to get back into business and giving our community another option for roadside assistance. Ron’s son Jared, who is co-owner, has always wanted to be a part of the towing industry since he was a child. Riding along on tows in the middle of the night were some of his earliest memories and have made a lasting impression on him. When the idea was brought up to restart the family business, they both jumped at the opportunity.


Owners Jared Heien & Ron Schroeder